Next generation Technology

The Next generation precision regenerative technology has emerged


OmGeneum’s regenerative technology has the real potential to treat severe neurodegenerative diseases and conditions that are considered too difficult or impossible to treat using conventional drugs.

Next generation Technology
Regenerative Technology


OmGeneum mission is to develop the most effective regenerative treatments and cures for neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease (AD) dementia, Parkinson's, Stroke and traumatic brain injury events which currently have no effective treatment.

OmGeneum harnesses ÉlpisÉremo’s groundbreaking “MINaR” technology platform to combat these incurable diseases. MINaR precisely targets and modulates the body’s own tissue-specific, cell-signaling pathways to induce pluripotent gene and specific protein expression in targeted, tissue-resident stem cells of the diseased target organ. These pathways are the key biological mechanisms involved in human tissue regeneration, repair, and healing, including neurogenesis.


“We are now able to precisely target tissue-resident stem cells without the need for cell/tissue transplantation or mRNA drugs. This new approach has remarkable implications for self-healing.” said Dr. Carlo Ventura, ÉlpisÉremo’s CSO “We can modulate the expression of regenerative genes and proteins without gene transfer technologies or the use of cumbersome synthetic chemistry. The modulation of such “epigenetic symphony” is our strategy to cope with these devastating degenerative disorders, including neural and cardiac degenerative diseases. This new approach has remarkable implications, as we are now seeing stem cell biology with the eyes of Physics, developing a Regenerative/Precision medicine afforded through the stimulation of the natural ability of tissues for self-healing”

Central Nervous System Diseases,for which no cure exists