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Convergence of AI + Transformative Regenerative Technologies

Regenerative Technology

OMGENEUM's proprietary multifaceted curative modalities platform was strategically developed to address the most serious PROBLEMS of regenerative stem cell therapy medicines: the inactive pathways of a diseased or injured “Niche” (tissue resident cells) and/or transplanted cells.

OMGENEUM invented a novel BREAKTHROUGH platform by a fusion of multiple groundbreaking technologies to tackle these fundamental PROBLEMS

OMGENEUM’S neuro, bio, and cellular pathway modulation technology devices utilizes precise sequences of specific (Bio) Electric and Magnetic + Mechanical /Acoustic + Light (Photo) wavelength (bio) modulation of targeted (tissue-specific) endogenous /exogenous (stem) cell-signaling pathways; deploys oscillatory features that control molecular programs of genetic/epigenetic patterning to elicit specific gene and protein expression of tissue-restricted transcription factors tissue-resident cells into a multifaceted production of powerful therapeutic and (neuro) regenerative proteins, which are the key biological mechanisms involved in:



What Are MiRi-X1 Stem Cells? 


 MiRi-X1 are (Autologous or Allogeneic) modulated stem cells -induced into molecular programs of genetic/epigenetic patterned expression of genes and proteins up-regulated into a pluripotency-like state, then down-regulated cells to express specific protein markers of neurogenesis & molecular characteristics of neuronal-like cells

What is iRis?

(integrated Regenerative inducing Systems)


iRis (integrated Regenerative inducing Systems) is our neuro + biomodulation system that is embedded into a wearable exoskeleton, helmet, or other systems in development to induce endogenous tissue/organ/cells gene and protein expression, with on/off precision.

The implantation of Activated (MiRi-X) stem cells into the injured region of brain + iRis neurogenic niche modulation – to precisely modulate the targeted tissue-resident stem cells -specific cell-signaling pathways to activate specific gene and protein expression, to elicit the brain’s key endogenous processes of regenerative self-healing and with the aim to restore lost motor functions.

OMGENEUM Activated (MiRiX) stem cells + targeted iRis Helmet activated neurogenic niche aims to become the most highly effective, multifaceted treatment for no-option patients suffering with severe chronic motor dysfunctions caused by cerebral stroke, traumatic brain injury, SCI or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s,  Parkinson’s, and ALS.

OMGENEUM multifaceted regenerative platform + wearable iRis Brain Healing neuro-niche modulation Helmet that is powered by AI (ARMADYNE INSIGHTS) Digital therapeutics ecosystem designed to exponentially improve the therapeutic potential of regenerative modalities is our current most powerful SOLUTION/approach to induce healing mechanisms. 


Central Nervous System Diseases,for which no cure exists

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