Curt Weldon


Curt Weldon, Cofounder. Distinguished former U.S. Congressman, served 20 years in the US Congress and retired as Vice Chairman of Homeland Security Committee the Armed Services Committee. The Chairman, Emirates Agriculture City, Member of Board of Directors of The Dubai Royal Club, International Strategic Director of China International Smart City Initiative, Founding Chairman One World for Life, Board of Advisors ATSC/7 Continents Global Member of the Board of Directors MedSec Holdings, United States Representative Astana Economic Forum - Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, International Grand Chancellor of Order of the Knights of Malta, Board of Advisors US Congress Defense & Security Task Force.  Mr. Weldon has received over 100 national and international awards and 7 Honorary Doctorate Degrees for his work. He is also an elected Member of the Russian Federation Academy of Sciences.