Federico Benetti


Cardiac Surgery with 44 years of experience In 1978 started the off pump coronary surgery In 1986 create his Thecnique for exclusion of the interventricular septum ,In 1994 invented the MIDCAB operation In 1995 create most of the Thecnology is used today for off pump coronary surgery In 1996 performfor the first time in the World a mitral valve replacement using #D Minimally invasive , in 1997 The Aortic valve surgery througth the 2 or 3 intercostal space using 3 D In 1997 invented the Xiphoid Approach and perform the First ambulatory coronary operation in the World Create and Trained surgeons in 45 countries of the World in OPCABG, MIDCAB and MiNI OPCAB surgery Study in Argentina graduate Medical Doctor in 1971 From 1978 devlopted the Coronary off pump surgery Create most of the Thecnology is usede worldwide for these operations In 2005 surgical implanted for the first time embriofetals cells in patients with Heart Failure In 2005 invented the Cyberheart concept